The Light in me Salutes the very same Teacher in you.

My name is Julia Romano. I'm a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT, 2016) with masters in yoga therapy (2015) clinical psychology (2013), and conflict management (2009). I teach yoga as process, one of continual refinement, whereby dysfunctional patterns of the mind and body are reworked so that one may gain access to an internally derived inner and infinite source of ease and peace.

I teach private, one on one yoga-as-therapyJoin me for a session. 

I offer group workplace yoga and meditation sessions. A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Schedule a consultation.

I write about this great practice of yoga called Life. Read about the science and Spirit infusing yoga and meditation in my regular posting, The Work of the Light.

I teach because it is my soul purpose; to share this practice is to do the work of my heart. I am, ultimately, only a guide. My role is to create the space so that you can hear more clearly the voice of your real Teacher, your wisdom. It's that experience that transforms the physical practice into one that empowers body, mind, and Spirit.

Yoga. Joyfulness. Join me.

The Work of the Light:

Occasional Writings on Yoga, Meditation, and this Blessed Life