Whether you want to teach yoga, or are simply want to deepen your own practice, Empower Yoga 200 Hour Yoga teacher training will enrich and enliven your life.

Structured around the 5 layers of being central to yogic philosophy — the pancamayakosha model) — we will explore how the practices of yoga – from posture, to breath, to meditation, among others – connect you to an integrated sense of self, and ultimately, your most natural teacher, within.

By the end of training, you’ll feel confident leading students one on one, or in a group class in physical practice, breath work, and meditation. You’ll graduate ready to teach a set sequence, as well as able to design your own intelligent, well-rounded classes.

Through the teachings of ancient and contemporary texts, as well as discussion and mentorship with teachers from across yogic backgrounds, you’ll be encouraged to cultivate your own teaching orientation. The ultimate goal of this 200 training is to help you connect with your most grounded, authentic self, so that you may positively inspire on, and off the mat.

Email Julia at yoga@em-poweryoga.com for more information. To apply, download the application and return to yoga@em-poweryoga.com.

2019 Baltimore Program Dates & Details


  • Training held at Rolling Brook Yoga in Catonsville, MD

  • Investment: $2800

  • $500 deposit required

  • Payments can be broken up into monthly installments

  • Additional requirements: take 36 classes/ observe 8 / meet with your peer group once a month and your lead teachers once each during training

Training is held select Saturdays and Sundays, 12-8pm, once a month June through August, twice a month September through October, and three weekends in November.

Annamayakosha: Physical Body

  • June 8, June 9

  • July 20, July 21

Pranamayakosha: Breath/Energetic Body

  • Aug 17, Aug 18

  • Sept 14, Sept 15

Manomayakosha: Psycho-emotional Body

  • Sep 28, Sep 29

  • Oct 12, Oct 13

Vijnamayakosha: Wisdom Body

  • Oct 26, Oct 27

  • Nov 2, Nov 3

Anandamayakosha: Bliss Body

  • Nov 9, Nov 10

  • Nov 23 (12-6pm)

Julia Romano   Yoga Alliance RYT 500

Julia Romano

Yoga Alliance RYT 500

Julia is the founder of EmPower Yoga and Wellness (www.empoweryogatherapy.com), a Washington, DC based yoga, meditation, and yoga-as-therapy practice, faculty with the Maryland University of Integrative Health’s Yoga Therapy department, founder and former owner of DC’s Yoga NoMa, and leader of yoga and meditation retreats around the world. A Masters level Certified Yoga Therapist, Julia believes in yoga as therapy for mind, body and Spirit. Yoga is a process of continual refinement: poses are not achieved, but rather infinite opportunities, joyfully explored.

Chris Parkison   Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200

Chris Parkison

Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200

Chris has been teaching yoga for four years and full time for 3 years. He teaches and practices many different styles of yoga from the external (Power Yoga, Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Rocket) to the internal (Karma, Bhakti, Jnana, and Raja). Chris believes in yoga as a practical way to strengthen and tone the muscles of both the body and mind.

He teaches Yoga, Pilates, and Group Fitness full time and is the Group Fitness Manager at VIDA Yards in Washington, DC.